Nutrition for Runners: Chicken Mushroom Pizza


After not posting one of these features for the past few weeks I finally got around to trying a new recipe I could post here. Tonight’s recipe came from the November 2013 issue of Runners World. If you have a copy you can find this one on page 101.

This is a relatively easy and quick recipe to make although we made the crust and sauce last night in order to save on preparation time tonight. Once again to make the dough for the crust we used the following recipe.

The sauce is easy to make. You just have to wait to roast a head of garlic then you blend it with white beans, the juice of half a lemon, fresh thyme, olive oil and ricotta cheese. Once you have the sauce on the crust you just add sliced zucchini, mushrooms and chicken. You can also top with caramelized onions as per the actual recipe in Runners World but since I am not a fan we did not add any.

We ended up having enough for two pizzas so one served for dinner tonight and the second one will serve for easy lunches for the family tomorrow.

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