Less Than Two Weeks to Go

As I write this I am just over a week away from travelling to Philadelphia for marathon number nine. With race day getting so close I am starting to get excited about the trip. My key training runs are out of the way now and I am looking forward to putting my training to the test in Philadelphia.

In terms of running, I am down almost down to taking as many rest days as training days in a week. I did not run yesterday and will also be taking Friday and Sunday off to rest my legs. This isn’t always easy for me because I would often rather be out getting in an easy run in than taking an extra day of rest. However, I also know that at this point the extra days of rest will be important in terms of being ready to run the marathon.

Since I am travelling out of town I will have to start making a list of the stuff I need to bring with me. This will be the third time I have travelled out of town for a marathon. On the one hand it is exciting to be travelling to a new city and running a new route it also presents challenges in terms of nutrition since I will have to eat in restaurants while there instead of being able to make what I want at home.

For the next week and a half in between fitting in the remaining few runs I have left on my schedule I will be getting my list of stuff ready to bring with me in order to make sure I have not forgotten anything when I get to Philadelphia.

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