Week 14 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

20131025-220440.jpgAnother week of training is complete. Race day is now two weeks away. In two weeks from today I will be in Philadelphia getting ready for the marathon, number nine for me overall.

This week was the start of the taper for me. After getting in my longest training run Sunday morning I’ve only run twice. The run run being a set of intervals and the second one being an easy run tonight. Tomorrow is another day off for me then I’ll end off the week with a 12 km run Sunday morning.

Speed intervals this week, as you can expect after a 36 km long run, were short and quick. After an easy 2 km warm-up I did a series of 10 50m sprints. I finished the workout with an easy 2 km cool-down.

So that was it for my week. Not much to say this time around. The key to this week was recovery after harder weeks of work.

How did your week go?


2 thoughts on “Week 14 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon”

  1. I had an easy week with just three runs. I guess now I’m just treading that fine line between taking it too easy and over training.

    Hope you have a restful week.

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