Time for the Taper

The heaviest mileage in my training cycle and my toughest runs are out of the way. There are now just over two weeks to go until race day in Philadelphia. Now I starting to taper with the main goal over the next two and a half weeks being to stay healthy and avoid injury at all cost.

As mentioned in a previous post, my plan for Sunday was to fit in my longest ever training run with a 36 km (22 mile) run. I tried to prepare for the run like I will for race day. That meant waking up early enough to have my usual pre-marathon breakfast a few hours before I started. The plan seemed to work well as I feel like I had a strong run, finishing the 36 km in 2:59. My legs felt strong and I had the energy to continue had I been scheduled to run more mileage that day.

In addition to my last really long run, I have also completed my final set of hill repeats. I completed those last Thursday. I feel that the hill repeats that I did over the last three weeks were a good addition to my training. My coach had me do 1 km repeats (500 m up and 500 m down) at 100% effort. It was a tough workout but I found myself pushing as hard as I could every repeat.

In terms of speed work I a, not sure what comes next. Tonight I completed a series of 10 50M sprints. I have not yet seen my schedule for the final two weeks of training but I am pretty sure that is it for speed work as well. Again, as with the hill repeats, have had some good speed workouts through this training cycle. Again, the workouts I did over the previous three weeks were challenging in that the 15 second sprints I did every km forced me to push as hard as I could.

Now that the hard work is done I am going to try and enjoy the more relaxed pace of my remaining runs and of course make sure I am eating the right foods so that I am ready when I get to the start line in Philadelphia.

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