Week 13 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Another week is nearly complete. In a way it is hard to believe that race day is just three weeks away from this Sunday. At the same time, I feel ready and am anxious to put my training to the test. While my overall mileage came down this week it certainly was another good week of training.

Unfortunately this week also brought the first bit of cool weather to run in. Last week I was still running in shorts and short sleeves. This week I think I had a long sleeve shirt on for every run. Last night I wore long pants and a jacket for the first time in a while. Fortunately it was not quite cold enough to require gloves or a hat but it was a reminder that winter is on the way.

My speed workout this week was the same one I did last week. It involved doing 8 km at 4:20/km with 15 second sprints every km. Including the sprints every km makes it a tough workout but at the same time those sprints help make it feel like each km is going by faster.

My hill workout was my best one yet and my last one before race day. Last night the workout involved 5 hill repeats at 100% effort. For those of you who are familiar with Ottawa the hill I used was the one by the locks beside the Chateau Laurier. For those of you who are not from Ottawa I guess you will have to take my word that it is a good hill for repeats. Last night even though I felt exhausted every time I finished a repeat I managed to keep my pace around 4:00-4:05 for each one.

This week my final run of the week may turn out to be my most important run. As mentioned earlier in the week, my plan is to run 36 km this Sunday. This will be the longest run of this training cycle. It will be an important one not only in terms of giving me the confidence I can complete the marathon distance on race day but also in that it will allow me to test race day nutrition. It will be one last opportunity to test and make sure I have the right nutrition strategy for race day.

How did your week go?

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