One More 30 + km Run to Go

I’m getting to the end of the heaviest mileage in my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Following a 32 km run this past Sunday I have one more long run to go in my training.

During my training for previous marathons I completed 3-4 runs of 30 km or more. This time around I am only scheduled to complete two of them. My first was the previously mentioned 32 km run I just completed and the second of course will be my final one this upcoming Sunday which is scheduled to be 36 km.

Although the weather was not great, cool with strong gusts of wind, my 32 km run this past Sunday went well. I ended up setting a mileage record for myself with the Chariot by pushing it for the entire 32 km. The first 20 km of that was with my youngest daughter and the final 12 km was with my 4 year old.

As mentioned, my upcoming long run is scheduled to be 36 km. I am planning to do that one Sunday morning. This run will be longer than any previous training run  have done. I think the longest previous one was 33 or 34 km. Hopefully the run will go as well as my last one. It will certainly go a long way toward having me ready for race day.

The fact that my last run of at least 30 km run is coming up is another sign that race day is getting closer. I am starting to get excited for the trip to Philadelphia!

2 thoughts on “One More 30 + km Run to Go”

  1. that’s amazing you pushed the chariot for the whole 32. I think the longest I pushed our son was for 24k or something. Definitely a good workout for you.

    and 36k this weekend! wow! obviously you are more experienced that me, but I would recommend you take two rest days following that distance. just to be safe and let your body fully recover/rest up. but again, you know a bit more than me.

    good luck Patrick – I can’t wait to read your race review from philly.

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    1. Thanks James

      Monday will be a definite day of rest after the 36 km. My overall mileage has been lower so I should be fine after that but we’ll see. I am not going to rush back and risk injury at this point.

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