Week 12 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

20131004-223147.jpgThere is officially less than one month to go until race day now. In terms of training, this week and next week will be my heaviest weeks of mileage before I start to taper. As a result, I still have my two longest runs left to go – 32 km this Sunday and 36 km next Sunday.

Overall I am still feeling good about my approach. I may have done less mileage overall this time around but the strength, mobility and stability exercises I have been doing throughout this training cycle will hopefully make up the difference.

My key workout this was the hill repeats I did this week. The workout on the schedule was four 1 km repeats (500 m up and 500 m down) at 100% effort. I think I’ve found myself a pretty good hill to use for my repeats the last couple of weeks. It is certainly a good enough challenge that I feel exhausted at the end of each repeat. Overall, four repeats at this 100% effort is one of those workouts that feels tough while you are doing it but leaves you feeling like you accomplished something when you finish.

This week’s speed workout was another new one for me. It involved 8 km total at 4:20/km with 15 second sprints every km. The sprints certainly helped make every km go by quicker.

I plan to wrap up this week with a couple of runs over the weekend. Tomorrow the plan is for an easy 8 km while Sunday the plan is for a 32 km (20 mile) long run. Sunday’s run will be the first of my runs over 30 km, runs that are generally a good gauge of how your training is going.

How did your week go?


2 thoughts on “Week 12 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon”

  1. Busy couple of weeks for you for sure. Hope you are getting lots of sleep. 🙂

    I raced 9 run run on Saturday and it went great. Beat my army run time with a time of 1:31:33! I came 2nd in my age group too!

    Next weekend I’m running a trail half near Wakefield. Should be interesting, don’t half much experience there 🙂 figure I will just run it and not race it.

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    1. Congrats on 9 Run Run. That is a great time and result!

      Good luck with the trail race. I’ve only raced a couple, like you I just did them for the experience. I only did a 12 km trail race though not a half. They used to do one at Camp Fortune in August.

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