Long Runs With a Stroller

A few years ago after our first daughter was born my wife and I decided to buy a Chariot stroller. It turned out to be one of the best purchases we made after having kids. For me has been very important to my marathon training. I am not sure how much mileage we have put on it but without it I likely would not have achieved the results I have or trained for the number of marathons I have run.

Now that our youngest daughter is old enough to ride in the stroller while I run it has become even more useful, allowing my wife and I to head out do something with one of the kids while the other one of us is with the other kid. It is a routine that has worked out well for us on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I am also fortunate that both of my girls are, for the most part, tolerant of coming along for my runs. For my long runs sometimes I will have to start early without one of them or bring the stroller home before going back out to complete another 4-5 km but I have managed to get in runs of over 20 km with both of them.

Sunday I managed to set my distance record with the Chariot. Setting out with my youngest daughter yesterday morning I started what was a planned 28 km run. I fully expected to have to return home to drop off the stroller before heading back out to finish my run. To my surprise, I was able to get in the full 28 km with the stroller.

Although she was starting to get restless over the last couple of km as we headed back home, my daughter and I completed 28 in 2:20. It certainly helped that it was a great morning for a run…


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