Week 11 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Another week is nearly complete and I am another week closer to race day in Philadelphia. Race day is now just over a month away. That means I have a couple more weeks after this one of intense training before I start to taper.

After a recovery week last week this week got me back to intense training. The highlight of this week was without a doubt my speed workout which also was my latest race. I wrote a post on that last night so I won’t go into too much detail on that here. Suffice to say that I am quite pleased with my new pb in the 5km.

My other key workout this week was my hill repeats. This week’s effort involved 3 repeats of a 500 m hill @100%. It was a tough workout but it certainly felt good once I was finished. The location I chose for my repeats certainly helped a bit as well..

IMG-20131008-00354 (1)As for what’s left this week, I plan to get in 10 km tomorrow followed by 28 km on Sunday.

How did your week go?

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