Race Report: Wellness Challenge 5 km

I know I previously mentioned I was. Not planning to do another race before Philadelphia. That plan changed slightly last week when I ended up registering for a 5 km race. This is a race I did two years ago, the last time I ran Philadelphia. The race is part of the charitable campaign at work so it meant I got to leave the office at lunch to go race.

As I said, I was not planning to do another race but since it was part of the charitable campaign at work and I didn’t think a 5 km would disrupt my marathon too much I checked in with my coach for his thoughts. The other reason I wanted to do this is because I set my previous best time in the 5 km in this race two years ago and I felt I had a good chance of beating it today. My coach was supportive for all of those reasons.

We could not have had a better day for a race today with blue skies and 20 degree weather, almost unheard of for this time of year. After a brief warm-up I was ready to get going. I managed to line-up close to the front of the pack so I would not have to fight through crowds to get up to my intended pace.

I managed to get off to a good start and soon felt like I was in for a good race. I have not yet looked at my splits on my Garmin but I think I managed to maintain a relatively even pace throughout the race, hovering around 3:45 per km for the most part. By the time I hit the third km I was pretty confident I was going to set a new pb.

Two years ago I finished in 19:01. Today I managed to cross the line in 18:28. I am quite pleased with the result and feel it is another sign that my new training routine is paying off.

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