Ready for Heavy Mileage

As mentioned before, I am at the stage of my training for Philadelphia where I am about to get in my heaviest mileage. I got a bit of a start at that with my 25 km run this past Sunday. It was my first run over the half-marathon distance in a while. After eight marathons I still find this stage to be key for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is the obvious one. From a physical standpoint the importance of this stage in marathon is obviously important. It is the stage where you build up the endurance to cover the marathon distance on race day. I am off to a good start there with a couple of 21 km and a 25 km run the past few weekends.

The other reason this stage of training is key is from a mental stamdpoint. Heavier mileage means longer runs and more time committed to running. It can drain you mentally and requires more discipline to stick with your training program. For me I find that once I get through this stage I am ready mentally for race day. Once I have completed my longest runs and heaviest weeks of mileage I know I am ready to cover the marathon distance on race day.

I’ve mentioned before that I am feeling positive about this training cycle due to the adjustments I’ve made to my routine. Once I get through the next few weeks I will really feel ready for race day from both a physical and mental standpoint as long as all goes according to plan.

Do you also find this stage to be key to marathon training or do you find other stages to be more important?

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