Week 9 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. It has been another strong week of training with two more runs yet to come, a 15 km effort tomorrow and a 25 km long run Sunday. Once again the highlights of the week were my speed and hill workouts, my most intense training runs of the week.

I say my speed and hill workouts are the highlights of my week because they are the runs where I get to test my fitness and when they go well leave you feeling pretty good about your training. The easy runs I do around these two workouts are equally as important but I look forward to these workouts more each time.

My speed workout was one I reported on a couple weeks ago. This week was my second week trying it. The workout consisted of increasing my every 2 km with the last two km being a 100 % effort. Those last two km are particularly tough given I have already increased my pace a couple of times by the time I reach that point but at the same time I find motivation to keep pushing because at that point I am almost finished my run.

My new approach to hill training recommended by my coach has suggested is also proving to be a tough workout I enjoy. As previously mentioned that involves a tempo run after hill repeats. Tonight it was a 4 km tempo run after my hill repeats. The hill I have used the past two weeks is on the way home from work and involves a couple of pitches along a windy bike path. Here are a couple of pictures from tonight’s workout…



How did your week go?

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