What Next?

Now that the Army Run is over my focus is back solely on my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. I currently have seven weeks of training to go before I get to put my new training routine to the test.

I mentioned before that I was contemplating running another race in October. However, after more thought and discussion with my coach I have put that thought aside meaning yesterday will be my last race until I go to Philadelphia. While I was originally leaning toward signing up for another race, I think will prove to be the right decision.

With the heaviest part of my training and my longest runs to come I am hoping that the focus on my longer runs instead of races at shorter distances will prove to be more beneficial to my training and to my efforts at my overall goal of a BQ. If I was to run another race it would mean likely cutting the distance of one of my weekend runs at the tome when I need to fit in my longest runs.

I don’t think the other races I have done this year were detrimental to my marathon training, in fact I think they were beneficial up until this point. However, I think getting this close to what has become my goal race for the year this year will help me get in the key workouts and mileage I need to help me reach my goal.

What are your upcoming plans?

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