Army Run


As mentioned the other day, my next race will be a week from today when I run the Army Run. It will be my fourth time running this race. Like the previous two times I ran this race I will be a pace bunny, in the half-marathon for the second time.

This is a great race offering a 5 km and a half-marathon and has grown in size every year since it started. Part of the reason I look forward to it likely stems from the fact that I grew up in a military family so running in support of injured soldiers is something worth supporting for me.

I am probably looking forward to this race more than usual because while playing soccer on a rainy night one week before the race left my ankle looking like this…


Fortunately that won’t happen this year as I did not play soccer this year so I am ready to go and make up for the disappointed of last year.

In terms of pacing, I will be the 1:35 pace bunny. This is my goal marathon pace so it will essentially be a race pace training run. The race will also be a great test of my fitness and indication of how my training is going so far.

In addition to testing my fitness it will also be fun to see other runners around me achieving their goals at the finish line.

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