Training Update

I’ve nearly reached the halfway point in my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. So far things have gone well. I’ve managed to keep up with all of my runs and the exercises my coach gave me when I started training.

Getting close to the halfway point means one thing, heavy mileage and the toughest part is right around the corner. Last week was a recovery week but this week I am back to regular training. That will include my first run over 21 km in a long time.

My next race is also upcoming. In a week from this Sunday I will be doing my next race. That of course will be the Army Run half-marathon. That race will bring a different challenge as I am scheduled to pace a 1:35 race which is my goal pace for the marathon. I am looking forward to this one, you may recall that last year I was scheduled to do the same thing and sprained my ankle about one week before the race.

Following that I don’t yet have a ace scheduled for October but I am planning to look at 10 km and half-marathon options in the area that would fit into my schedule. The idea there being giving myself a final test of my fitness before I head to Philadelphia in November. I will make the final decision based on discussion with my coach and what options fit best into my schedule.

For now I am feeling positive about my training so far. Of course, as mentioned, the toughest work is yet to come over the next few weeks. That will be the real test of where I stand before the marathon.

2 thoughts on “Training Update”

  1. i’m really starting to look fwd to the army run. i did a second Mec 10k race last weekend. Improved slightly and finished 41:59 – good enough for 5th place this time (the first race I got 4th… must have been faster folks racing this time).

    So ya, still planning to join your pace group I think for a 1:35 finish time at the army run.

    For October, I signed up for the 9RunRun – it seemed kinda expensive for a smaller race, but I suppose a bunch is going towards charity.

    Question, what are you planning to run for your long run this weekend? 21K? That was going to be my goal as well. I did 18k the other morning and it went well so I really feel the 1:35 is within reach.

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    1. Congrats on your 10 km results!

      9RunRun is one I am considering although I am not sure yet if it fits well into my schedule.

      I am doing 21 km again this Sunday.

      You are on track for 1:35 with your 10 km and long run times. See you there next weekend!

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