Week 5 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Week five of training has been another strong week of training. I managed to get in all of my runs as per the schedule set out by my coach. The biggest benefit to that is now I get to take a break from running today.

In terms of runs, the highlights were once again Tuesday and Thursday’s runs. Those runs being my speed work and hill repeats of course. This week’s speed workout involved a 2 km warm-up followed by 3 x 1 km at 4:00/km followed by 1 km at 5:00/km. It was an easy workout to fit in on the way home from work since the overall distance got me almost back to my house.

I left Thursday for my hill repeats again this week. This week’s workout involved a 1.5 km warm-up, 3 hill repeats then a 5 km tempo run. Doing a tempo run after hill repeats is new to me but something my coach encouraged because it will teach my legs they can still run at that pace when tired.

Speaking of hill repeats, the past two weeks since I did my workout at lunch time I took advantage of the fact that we have an old ski hill about 1.5 km from my office to do my repeats. Now it isn’t a very big hill and wouldn’t have been much of a ski hill but here is a picture. I think it is good for my hill repeats.


To finish off week five I have a 12 km easy run planned for tomorrow followed by my long run on Sunday which will be 21 km.

How did your week go?

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