Week 4 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


I am late posting this update since I was away camping over the weekend and did not have an opportunity to make my regular Friday post. Fortunately I managed to keep up with my runs so I can say week four was another good week of training.

The highlight of my week was Tuesday’s 10 km race. I decided to run the Xerox 10 km race instead of doing my planned speed work this week. The plan worked out better than I expected. You can read more about that here.

The other key workout for me this week was my hill workout which I managed to do at lunch in the rain on Thursday. I took advantage of the fact we have an old ski hill about 1.5 km from my office to get in my hill repeats.

Speaking of hill repeats, this is one area where my coach has changed my training. In addition to doing hill repeats he has me ending the workout with a tempo run after my last repeat. This week it was 3 repeats followed by a 4 km tempo run. It is not an easy workout but I can see how this may prove to be beneficial overall.

I ended week four with an 18 km run today. It was my longest in a while and a sign that my training is ramping up. The most enjoyable part of the run was that I had my 9 month old daughter with me in the Chariot who seems to enjoy rides in the Chariot as much as her older sister does.

How did your week go?

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