Week 3 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Week three is nearly complete. This week marked the first full week of me working with my coach. The biggest difference so far is that, as mentioned earlier in the week, in addition to running I now have a series of exercises to work on strength and stability and a series of exercises to work on stretching and mobility. The exercises will be on my calendar for at least the next four weeks.

My week has gone according to plan so far. In addition to the aforementioned exercises I have been doing, alternating which one each night, I have managed to fit in all of my planned runs so far this week for a total of 50 km with another 8 -9 km to go tomorrow.

With regards to my runs this week, while I did manage to fit them all in I did do something I won’t want to repeat in my training too often. Due to rain Tuesday and runs with friends my planned speed work was pushed to today leaving me to follow that up with hills tomorrow. Ideally I will leave an easy workout between those two workouts.

Other than leaving my two most intense runs of the week for consecutive days I felt positive about my training this week. I think the addition of the exercises my coach gave me will be a great addition to my training.

How did your week go?

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