Running Routes in Ottawa

At the end of my recent to the Maine coast I lamented the fact that my vacation was coming to an end and that I would no longer be able to take advantage of running along the Atlantic coast. I was certainly fortunate to have great options for scenic running routes during my vacation.

The point of tonight’s post is to highlight some of my favourite running routes here at home and to show that I am fortunate to have great routes to run on a regular basis. For example, here is a picture from today’s run.


For those who are not familar with it that is a shot of Parliament Hill from behind while crossing the Ottawa River. For me this has to be one of the best views in the country and I tend to run this route on a weekly basis.

My most common running route during the week involves running along the Rideau River. Despite the fact that this route is not far from the center of a large city the route takes me away from traffic and the tree cover along much of the route makes it seem like I am no longer in the city. I do have to cross a very busy intersection along this route but the rest of the route makes up for it. Here is a picture taken close to my home as I ran home from work last week.


Finally, I also do much of my running along the Rideau Canal which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here is a picture from a recent run.


What are some of your favourite running routes?

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  1. I love seeing the photos of your routes. Looks like such a relaxing place to run, which I’m sure only makes running all the more fun!

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