Week 2 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Week two of training is nearly complete. So far my week has gone pretty much according to plan. So far after five runs this week I have managed to fit in 54 km (33 miles). With a planned 10-12 km tomorrow I will finish the week with approximately 65-66 km.

This week I unexpectedly got in my long run last night with a 14 km run, surpassing the 12 km I did on Sunday when I usually fit in my longest run of the week. To start my marathon training that is not a bad total for my long run but in the coming weeks I plan to get my long runs back up around 20 km.

Other than that this week saw my usual assortment of easy and tempo runs on the way home from work. Once again I am fortunate to live 8-10 km from work, a convenient distance for my runs during the week.

Although Philadelphia still seems a long way off I am glad to be back to focused training with a goal in mind. The next 14 weeks will go by quickly so it it important to get off to a good start to my training.

Week three will kick of on Sunday with what will be this time my longest run of the week.

How did your week go?

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