I mentioned on here recently that I was going to be working with a coach as I train for the Philadelphia Marathon. Last night I had my first session with my coach so now I can write about it and what I hope to achieve.

The idea to seek out the help of a coach came following the Ottawa Marathon in May. The appeal for me is that I thought it would help give me that final boost needed to reach my goal marathon time.

Conveniently enough my wife happened to be out for coffee in our neighbourhood at the same time a coach was in the same shop meeting one of his clients. As a result, I found a coach who works just a few blocks away from our house.

As mentioned, last night was my first session with my coach. He already has me working on areas I had not touched on in my previous training. For the next four weeks in addition to regular runs I will have a series of mobility and flexibility exercises to do. Following that I will have a few weeks of strength training exercises to do.

My coach will also be providing me with feedback on nutrition. This will certainly be beneficial as well. I have already developed better eating habits since taking up marathon training but some fine tuning could not hurt.

I am looking forward to this addition to my training and am hoping it will give me the result I want in November.

Have you enlisted the help of a running coach? 

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