The Plan for August

June and July passed with me essentially running for the sake of running, with no real goals in mind. Now that training for the Philadelphia Marathon has started August stands to be a busier month in terms of mileage.

One goal I have for the month is to fit in a shorter race. Right now I am leaning toward running a 10 km race in a couple of weeks. I’m not sure that I will be ready to beat the 41 minutes I ran in the 10 km on July 1st but more than anything just doing a run in race environment will likely be beneficial for me.

Another goal for the month is to start building up my long run to longer distances. For the last few weeks my long run has been in the 12-14 km range. Before long I will be aiming to get my long runs back over 20 km.

One final goal for the month is overall mileage. June and July saw me finish with 201 an 233 km respectively. For August I aiming to get that total closer to 300 km overall which should not be too difficult if I am able to increase the mileag of my long runs.à

What are your plans for August?

2 thoughts on “The Plan for August”

  1. I’ve been doing the same. June: 184, July: 202. Aiming for around 200 again for August. Don’t have a marathon in the works, just the Army Run I’ve mentioned before. A few weeks ago my wife went back to work and now I’m at home with our youngest, so getting the runs in have been tougher, was much easier when I was at work and had a scheduled lunch break. 🙂 But being at home with her is really great, we’ve done about 5 runs together, max 10k. I’m still doing my long runs with our eldest like you. Long runs have been about 19-22 each time.

    Main goal I suppose is to stay healthy and injury free. Cheers!

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    1. Your mileage is impressive given you are having a tougher time fitting in runs. Hopefully your youngest continues to enjoy running with you. I have been out for a few runs with my youngest and my longest with her is about the same as yours. It is a totally different experience to running with a toddler in the stroller. Enjoy your time at home with her!

      Good to hear you are still getting in runs with your oldest. I love being able to do that on weekends. We are fortunate they tolerate being out in the stroller for that long.

      Good luck with your training for the Army Run!

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