Week 1 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


This week marked the start of my training for my latest marathon adventure. I will be travelling to Philadelphia in 16 weeks from now. It will be marathon number nine for me and as mentioned already my second time running Philadelphia in the last three years.

The plan for this week was basically just to get back to running six days per week. I also wanted to get in a longer run and get in at least on quicker paced runs. So far I have managed to meet those goals.

Since I was returning from vacation in the United States it became my rest day by default. As a result, I did not get in a long run to start the week. Monday did not quite quit as planned either hen my run was cut to 2.5 km because of heavy rain.

I did manage to make up for that yesterday with to 9km runs. I did not plan a two run day yesterday but ended up going for a second run with my neighbour after I ran home leaving me with 18 km of running.

So far I have managed to run five out of six days this week and will get out again tomorrow to make that six. In terms of mileage, tonight’s run pushed me to just over 50 km for the week so a run tomorrow will likely put me over 60 km. I think that is a good start to my 16 weeks of teraining for Philadelphia.

How did your week go?

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