The Start of Training for Another Marathon

This week brings the start of my 16 week training for the Philadelphia Marathon. With today and yesterday’s runs done I already have my first two training runs complete although yesterday’s run was cut short by the rain.

Philadelphia will be marathon number nine for me and the my second time running there in three years. My goal for it is to beat the 3:12 I ran here back in May for a new personal best.

Now instead of just running what I feel like doing or have time I am going back to having specific workouts on my calendar. In the short-term it won’t make much of a difference because i have been trying to keep my weekday runs to 8-10 km. I will, however, be going back to scheduling a long run on Sundays.

In terms of workouts I have contnued to include tempo runs but now I will go back to including speed intervals and hill workouts in my routine. While it was nice to have a bit of a break from these tougher workouts, it will also be nice to getting to including them regularly.

As with my previous training cycles, I will also make use of shorter races to help get me ready for the marathon. So far I am scheduled to be the 1:35 pace bunny in the Army Run half-marathon in September. In addition to that, I will look to add another race in August or October if I can.

Finally, the start of training for Philadelphia brings about one new change from my previous training cycles, coaching. As already mentioned on here, I am seeking out the help of a coach to help me focus on aspects I previously ignored in my training or areas I could stand to improve on. I will have more on this next week when I get started with my coach.

Now for the next 16 weeks, as I did while training for other marathons, I will use my Friday post to post a weekly training update.

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