Back to Reality

After a great week in New England I am now getting back to reality. I returned home this evening and will be headed back to work tomorrow. I don’t quite feel ready to get back into my regular routine but I’m sure once I get up and going tomorrow morning it will feel normal again quickly.

In terms of running the end of my vacation means no more runs along the beach and the Atlantic coastline at sunrise. Instead, I will now return to my usual runs at lunch and on the way home from work.

Since we are nearing the end of August I will also be starting to increase my mileage in order to get ready for November’s Philadelphia Marathon. In addition to increasing my mileage it also means getting back to regular tempo runs, speed intervals and hill workouts.

As part of getting ready for the Philadelphia Marathon, as I mentioned before, I am planning to work with a coach in order to help give me the final boost needed to reach my goal marathon time. That will be starting next week and I am looking forward to it as it will help me focus on areas I have not focused on or need improvement on.

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