Running During a Heat Wave


This seems to be a common post at this time of year. The past couple of years it seems like we’ve had a heat wave lasting a week or a but longer. Our current heat wave has started over the weekend and looks like it will last through this upcoming weekend.

In terms of running it has slowed me down a bit or changed the time of day I was going to run at. Although I did not run today I did get out for a few runs during the heat wave.Given the heat I just kept my runs to an easy pace.

With this current heat wave expected to last into the upcoming weekend I will get 2-3 more runs in before we see the end of the heat wave. Since I am not quite into my focused training for the Philadelphia Marathon I will likely to stick to a fairly easy pace for those runs.

If you are looking for for tips on hot weather running you’ll find info here

How do heat waves affect your running?

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