Sunday’s Adventure

As indicated by the title, tonight’s post was originally intended for Sunday but for reasons mentioned in last night’s post I was not able to post so here is the post I intended for Sunday.

I’ve written before about the adventures my 3 year-old and I have with the Chariot on weekends. Last summer since she was older and more aware of what was going on I started planning my routes based on things to show her – the changing of the guard ceremony on Parliament Hill, cows at the Central Experimental Farm and the horses at the RCMP stables for a few examples.

This past Sunday we found something me to check out. This time since we were running along the Rideau Canal we ended up stopping so I could show my daughter how the locks work.


We ended staying to watch two full cycles. First a bunch of paddlers going down the lock then a boat coming back up the other way. Here is a shot just before we packed up and went back on our way.


So there you have it. Not only did we go for a 16 km run, we also had a bit of an adventure which my daughter seemed to enjoy.

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