A New Workout with the Chariot

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that much of my weekend mileage, except over the winter, is done with one of my daughters riding in our Chariot stroller. Today was no exception.

When I set out with my three year-old this morning I didn’t really have a plan in mind other than to get in an easy run. I didn’t want to push too hard because I am running a 10 km race in the morning.

Not long after we got going the run turned into an unexpected workout when my daughter said she wanted to get out and run with me, something she has never said before.

After a couple of kilometers of running around our neighbourhood as per usual I Suddenly found myself running with an empty Chariot and my daughter running alongside me.

Fortunately one of the main streets close to our house is closed to traffic Sunday mornings over the summer so cyclists and runners can enjoy it. This left us with plenty of room so I didn’t have to worry about traffic or pedestrians along the sidewalk.

After a couple of turns out of the stroller, and several walk breaks, my daughter decided that was enough and I loaded her back into her seat for good and we headed home. Overall I managed to cover 8 km. I am not sure how far my daughter covered but it was certainly enough to tire her out.

While it wasn’t what I expected from this morning’s run it certainly made an easy paced run more fun and I am sure I will get more requests to do the same next time we go out.

2 thoughts on “A New Workout with the Chariot”

  1. you know what then I think I saw you and your daughter on sunday morning. I was pushing my boy in our stroller the other way along colonel by in between bank and bronson. we did nearly 20k that morning. he watched thomas videos on his mom’s iphone.

    congrats on the great race yesterday.

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    1. That must have been us. That is exactly where we were. I try to take advantage of Colonel By being closed every Sunday. It is very convenient for those of us who live close to the canal.

      20 km with the stroller is a great run. We are fortunate we have kids who will tolerate running with us for that long.

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