Up until this point coaching is not something I considered up until this point. So far I have managed to improve my time in the marathon each time with the exception of Toronto last year when I sprained my ankle a few weeks before the race. I was content with my progress each time and did not feel the need to look into coaching.

That changed after the Ottawa Marathon. Getting so close to my overall marathon goal I started to look into what options there might be that could help me reach that goal the next time out which will be in Philadelphia in November.

I wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul of my training or new time commitments because my training is already a big commitment as it is. What I was looking for was someone who could look at my training and suggest tweaks here and there and to suggest things I had not been focusing on.

I looked at a few options and I think I am ready to make a commitment. I think I found a good fit and I am excited because I think this will be a good opportunity to give me the extra boost I am looking for to reach my goal in November.

Have you had experience with coaching? Has it helped you in your training and race results?


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