Back on Track

For the first time this week since last month’s Ottawa Marathon it felt like I was back to regular training. The quality of my runs this week and my overall mileage helped make that possible.

In terms of quality runs, I managed to fit in a good tempo run Tuesday night and 800 m repeats at the track last night. Having higher intensity runs back to being a regular part of my training is a good feeling.

In terms of mileage, I have managed to fit in 58 km so far. My plan is to get in another run tomorrow which will push my weekly mileage over 60 km for the first time since the Ottawa Marathon.

For now I still have not made any plans for any races before September’s Army Run but I would like to fit in a couple of shorter races over the summer and am close to committing to a couple of them.

So for now I am still running without a plan but I am getting back into a good routine.  I feel like I am ready to start focused training for my fall marathon and am ready to get going again after a bit of a break following the Ottawa Marathon.

What are your plans for the summer?

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