Since the Ottawa Marathon takes place in June and it has been a goal race for the past five years June has ended up being, by default, a transition month. By that I mean it has become a month where for the most part I run without any set goals and just aim to keep running regularly.

Part of that comes from having run a marathon in late May and taking my time to ease back into heavy mileage and more intense workouts. This week is the first week where I am looking to increase my mileage over my previous week. That should not be too difficult considering last week was a 40 km week.

The other part of that comes from the fact that the Ottawa Marathon has tended to be my focus for the first five months of the year. I don’t plan out the rest of my year until after race weekend.

It usually doesn’t take me long to make plans for the rest of the year after race weekend but there is a bit of a delay. This year it took me a couple of weeks to commit to a fall marathon after race weekend.

The fact that there aren’t many races around here in June helps keep it a relatively quiet month for me. For now I will continue that trend by focusing on slowly building my overall mileage up after a slow period.

What are your plans for June?

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