Back to Running Regularly

I’ve managed to get out for runs the last two days and have managed runs in of the last five days. After a quick recovery following rather Ottawa Marathon I am back to running regularly.

For now, at least, I am once again running without a specific training plan in mind. Other than the Army Run in September I do not have any races planned for the rest of the year. I am just running regularly because I enjoy.

I am not sure how long this will last, probably not long, but I will eventually get around signing up for some shorter races over the summer in order to give myself something to train for and have a goal in mind.

I am also leaning toward running a fall marathon again this year. in have not made a final decision yet but I have looked at a few options, including two that I have already done. I do have a preference but am not looking to rush my decision but I will likely make my decision official soon after more discussion with my wife to see what fits best into our schedule for the fall.

What training plans do you have for the rest of the year?


4 thoughts on “Back to Running Regularly”

  1. I’d love to take a stab at a fall marathon, but I don’t think my wife has the same levels of patience as your seems to. 😀

    I’m racing the army run, will be my first half marathon race, so any result will be a PB! 😀

    And I’ve got that MEC 10k in July, also a first race for the 10k distance.

    I am eager to try the marathon again, and see what I can do better. But I think that will have to wait for next May at the ORW again.

    Only really getting back into running again this week. I’ve been changing up my schedule and throwing in some swimming, biking, and more weight lifting. But I do love running, 11k yesterday and 15k today.

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    1. I am fortunate my wife is willing to tolerate a fall marathon. I just have to find a location she will also enjoy. It also helps that I can get weekend mileage in with one of the kids in the Chariot. Now that the youngest one is old enough to go in it I can take either.

      What are you aiming for in the Army Run? I will be pacing that one, likely 1:35.

      I am tempted to sign up for the MEC race based on the cost.

      1. My best according to garmin connect is 1:39. I wonder if a 1:35 is possible – maybe I’ll stick with you.

        I recall a really good training run back in March where I ran a 12k tempo at 4:19 avg pace. Could I hold onto that pace for another 9K? I dunno.

        McMillan says 1:35 is a 4:30 pace – I think that’s doable. I hope. 😀

        Have a great weekend.

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        1. I think it is certainly within your range, especially 3 months of training left. I will see you there if you go for 1:35.

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