What Next?

I’ve recovered from Sunday’s marathon and got out for my first post-marathon run today. Now comes the question of what comes next for me? For now the answer is that I have not quite figured out what comes next.

Same as I planned the past two years I plan on pacing the Army Run half-marathon in September again this year. Unlike last year, I don’t plan on getting injured playing soccer the week before the Army Run. In fact, you can pretty much guarantee I won’t get injured playing soccer because I have not registered to play soccer this summer.

Coming off a new pb Sunday I am still contemplating whether I want to do a fall marathon and what options I could possibly fit in to my schedule. Right now, I am leaning toward wanting to do a fall marathon and to take a shot at shaving another couple of minutes off my time and running a Boston qualifying time.

If I do run a fall marathon I will also have to start looking at shorter races between now and the fall to use as training runs. So far I have not looked at the race schedules but I would be looking at racing a 10 km and a half-marathon again in the lead up to a fall marathon if I do one.

For this week and maybe next week I will just be going for easy runs and running without a plan but I will likely figure a plan for the fall soon so I can get back to focused training.

What are your plans for the fall?

4 thoughts on “What Next?”

      1. I’ve reg’d for this one specifically. Seems they have an event each month. But like I said, no idea what to expect.. the website does not give a lot of details whatsoever.

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        1. At that price it is worth trying. I am not sure what to expect either. I don’t know of anyone who has done one of these races.

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