Starting a New Family Tradition

IMG_0589I meant to make mention of this in my race report Sunday but forgot about it until I finished. Then I realized it gave me another separate story to post on here about this past weekend.

For our family, Race Weekend this past weekend involved more than just me running the marathon Sunday morning. On Saturday evening my wife also ran the 2 km event with our three year-old daughter.

After dropping them off at the start line I made my way over to the finish line for my turn to be a finish line spectator. I was able to find a spot right along the course close to the finish line so I was in a good position to cheer for them as they approached the finish line.

When we registered our daughter for the race we weren’t sure how she would react once among the crowds on race day but had a great time and is quite proud of her race medal which she wore to pre-school yesterday. Now her medal occupies a spot of honour on the wall at home alongside my medal from Sunday morning. 

Based on how things went this weekend this could be the start of a family tradition and I think we will definitely look to register our daughter again next year and if it goes well again next year we might have to register her sister the following year.

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