The Last Run Before a Marathon

Race day is only a few days away now. I may still go for a very short and easy run Saturday morning but for all intents and purposes tonight’s easy 8 km run was my last run before Sunday morning’s marathon.

This last run before a marathon always has a different feel to it. This close to the big day your pace and distance don’t really matter. Let’s face it at this point, after four months of training there really isn’t anything else you can do that will make a difference on race day.

After all the long and hard miles completed over the course of 16 weeks of training I find this last run before the marathon to be a very relaxed and carefree run. There is no pressure to hit a certain distance or pace.

For me tonight’s run ended up being 8 km in 40 minutes. I only know it ended being 8 km after checking my Garmin at the end. I had no idea what pace I was running at during the run because I was not paying attention to my Garmin.

I am still very much focused on my goal for Sunday but I think this carefree run did me some good too. Now that the run is out of the way it is time to get back to preparing for Sunday.

What do you enjoy about the last run before a marathon?

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