Week 15 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


My second last week of training is nearly complete. A run tomorrow will see me end the week with 65-70 km. So far I have completed 57 km this week and my plan for tomorrow is for another 10-12 km.

Following 70 km last week this was the second week of my three week taper. Next week will see my overall mileage drop even more as I get ready for race day a week from Sunday.

Despite the fact that I cut back on my mileage once again this week it was another good week of training. The week started off with a 20 km long run with my daughter in her Chariot Sunday morning.

In terms of intensity, I also took it easier this week. Not wanting to push too hard, following my long run Sunday I did get in 10 km tempo run Tuesday. My other runs this week were easier efforts. My plan for tomorrow is to end the week with another tempo run.

So far I have not had much difficulty adjusting to the reduction in mileage last week and this week. after three consecutive weeks of heavy mileage my legs were ready for a break last week and hopefully this three week taper period will leave them feeling well rested.

The biggest adjustment during this taper period has not really been the reduction in mileage and number of runs per week. It has come more in terms of being more careful of how much I have been eating the past two weeks. Coming off a period where I was constantly eating to fuel and recover from my heavy weeks I have managed to cut back on my intake as I cut back on my mileage.

Week 16, my final week of training before race day, starts off with a 15-20 km run Sunday morning. It is almost hard to believe race day is nearly here again but at the same time I am feeling ready and looking forward to seeing how I can do after a strong training cycle.

How was your week?

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