Splitting my Long Run Into Three Seperate Runs

After more thought, I ended up opting for another 30 km run before the Ottawa Marathon because I still had time to fit in another one with race day being three weeks away. Today’s run will definitely be my last 30 km run before he marathon.

Today’s long run was a bit of a new experience for me. The ended up being a combination of three seperate runs. I ran with each of my daughters and then finished off on my own, leaving me with three different run experiences today.

My run started with my oldest daughter in her Chariot. As has been my routine for the past three weeks, once we had breakfast and were ready to go we headed out for a run before she had to head to ballet class. We ended up doing one of my regularly routes close to home getting in 8 km before it was time to take her back home to get ready for her class.

My wife and I switched kids and after installing the infant sling in the Chariot I headed out with my younger daughter. This was her first run with me. Since she is just about six months old now we figured she was big enough to ride in the Chariot. Once I had the infant sling installed and my daughter loaded I was back underway. I chose another route close to home, also good for 8 km.

Two differences stood out for me when comparing the runs with both of my daughters. First, probably an obvious one, was the effort. Obviously it is much easier to push around a six month old than a three-year old.

The second was interaction with my daughters. My runs with my three-year old are very interactive as we keep each other entertained as we go. My first run with my six month old felt different because for obvious reasons there was not any interaction as she either slept or was content to watch the scenery as we went along.

As mentioned, the final part of today’s run was completed on my own. After completing 16 km with my daughters I headed back out and completed 14 km on my own, brining me up to a total of 30 km for the day. The final three km of the run were completed at my intended marathon pace.

Overall, it was a great day of running. I was able to include both of my daughters in my run. I also finished off at my goal race pace and had I had more time I felt like I could have continued on longer even while pushing the pace. Today felt like another positive step toward getting me ready to achieve my goal on race day.

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