Week 13 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 13 is nearly complete. It is almost hard to believe there are only three more full weeks of training left before the Ottawa Marathon. In terms of mileage it was another busy week of training.

Previously I have managed to hit at least 100 km in a week once during a training cycle. This time I have already managed two consecutive 100 km weeks. Last week during my recap I mentioned that I was leaning toward taking it easy this week and making next week my final week of heavy mileage.

After posting that my plan changed and I decided to make this week a final week of heavy mileage followed by a three week taper. With a 12.5 km run tomorrow I will hit the 100 km mark for the third consecutive week. I guess I will see on race day if this extra mileage has paid off but so far it has certainly been a good confidence booster ahead of race day.

in terms of my runs this week, a couple of multiple run days consisting of an easy run at lunch followed by a tempo run on the way home from work. This has been a great routine for me so far. I would not have been able to complete the mileage I have the past three weeks without these multiple run days.

As mentioned, I am planning a three taper starting next week. I am planning to drop my mileage back to approximately 30-35 km next week. After three weeks of heavy mileage I am looking forward to being able to relax a bit although it might feel a little odd not getting in as many runs as I have been these past few weeks.

Week 14 kicks off with a final 30 km run Sunday morning. How was your week?

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