Getting Used to Running in the Heat Again

Around this time of year we have to get used to running in the warm weather again. Here  that adjustment seems to have come earlier this year. If the past two days is any indication the trend may continue.

I not complaining but yesterday and today with temperatures of 24 and 27 it has felt almost like running in the summer. After today it is hard to believe it was not that long ago we were getting single digit temperatures and there was still snow on the ground.

With race weekend here in Ottawa being in late May it often ends up being the first really hot weekend of the year. The result is that it makes it leaves us with less time to get used to running in the hot weather again.

As a result, warmer weather earlier in the month this year might not be a bad thing provided it does not get too much hotter. Any hotter and runners around here will have to start questioning their strategy for race day.

That said, it is still way too early to start worrying about weather for race weekend. It is still just over three weeks away and much can change between now and then. I can start worrying about the weather three weeks from now.

For now I will just enjoy the fact I get to run in shorts and short sleeves every day again which means as an added bonus I have less to pack in my backpack and a lighter load to run home with.

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