Week 11 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. It was another solid week of training that started off with a half-marathon Sunday morning. With a 12 km run planned for tomorrow I am pace for 100 km, my biggest week of training so far. So far I have completed 88 km this week.

As mentioned, my week started off with a half-marathon Sunday morning. The race went according to plan with a finishing time of 1:30. That was the last of my planned warm-up races ahead of the marathon.

Unfortunately again this week I was unable to fit in an interval session at the dome. I think I made up for that with two solid tempo runs Tuesday and Thursday. Combined with Sunday’s half-marathon I had three solid high intensity runs this week.

Once again multiple runs days were the key to fitting in the mileage I had planned for this week. Wednesday and today were both two run days with a run at lunch followed by a run home.

Since I cut back on my long runs the past two Sundays this Sunday will be my next 32 km run, my third 30 km run so far during this training cycle. I will definitely do one more the following week and possibly a final one in May since I still have time to fit in another one.

How did your week go?

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