Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

imageWeek 10 of training is nearly complete. Although I intentionally cut back my mileage a bit this week because I am running a half-marathon Sunday it has been another good week of training. So far I have completed 70 km for the week. A final run tomorrow will leave me at or around 80 km for the week.

The biggest change in my training this week was drop in mileage on my long run. Following 30 km at Around the Bay and 32 km the following Sunday this week’s run was 25 km. As mentioned, this Sunday my Sunday run is a half-marathon so my distance will drop again. I will likely follow up with another 32 km the following Sunday.

Once again this week I did not do speed intervals on Thursday. This week I replaced my regular intervals with a 9 km loop through a hilly neighbourhood which was good enough for a tougher workout. I also managed to get in two solid tempo runs this week.

Oddly enough, my toughest run this week was probably tonight’s “easy” run home from work. I say “easy” because though I planned to run at an easy pace, the weather made it a more difficult run. What made it difficult was a winter storm that brought strong winds and ice pellets, this after I was running in shorts earlier in the week. I shouldn’t really complain about it because it is likely the last winter storm of the season for us and it did not prevent me from running.

Week 11 kicks off with the Minto Run for Reach Sunday morning!

How did your week go?


2 thoughts on “Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. Pretty good week. I’m happy with it. 60k total for the week. Two days of quality speed work and a long run yesterday of 31. Looking forward to warm temps next week.

    and that snow storm we got Friday? I did some cross training indoors… was nice to not get pelted in the face with ice. 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Two good speed workouts makes for a good week.

      Yes last Friday was pretty miserable. My feet were soaked by the time I got home.

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