Minto Run for Reach 2013

My next race is coming up this Sunday. For the third year in a row I will be running the Run for Reach half-marathon. I used this race as a tune-up for the Ottawa Marathon the past two years. This year the plan is the same. Use the race to help me get ready for the marathon.

This is yet another course I am very familiar with since it is close to home. Given the proximity of the course to my house I often run parts of this course multiple times each week. The half-marathon involves two laps of an out and back along the Rideau Canal.

Since my overall goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, a 3:10 qualifying time at my age, I plan to aim for a 1:30 half on Sunday. The same plan I had going into the race last year. Using a race equivalency calculator a 1:30 finish Sunday would give me a predicted marathon time in the range I am aiming for.

Last year I was successful in meeting my goal for the race with a 1:29 finish. I think it certainly was beneficial to my marathon training and hopefully once again this year I can benefit from this strategy.

The best thing about this race is that as with the St. Patrick’s day race I did in March the start/finish line is close to home for. Like last year I will jog over there at a casual pace for a warm-up before the race starts.

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