Plan for April

This month will be a big month of training for the Ottawa Marathon. For a few reasons this month will go a long way toward getting me ready for the Ottawa Marathon next month.

First of all, coming off a 90 km week I will be looking to continue to build on my mileage. The plan for this week is to try and hit 100 km. I got a good start at that with a 32 km run last night. To help me get to my goal for the week I also plan to run at lunch and on the way home from work three times this week.

Second, I have the last of my pre-marathon warm-up races planned. In two weeks I plan to run the Run for Reach half-marathon. The goal for this one will be to aim for a time of 1:30 like I did last year.

The third reason this month will be key is that I will be getting in one if not  two more of my planned 32 km runs. As mentioned already, I completed a 32 km run last night. With Around the Bay last week that means I already have two 30 + km runs under my belt. Generally I plan to do four ahead of a marathon. I will definitely do one more this month. Since Around the Bay was early in my training cycle I may do a second if time permits.

What are your plans for April?

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