Week 8 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week eight of training is nearly complete. Tomorrow’s run will make this my busiest of training so far. Following tonight’s run I have managed get fit in 90 km this week. My plan for tomorrow is to get in a 13 km run at race pace to get me up to 90 km for this week.

This week got off to a great start with 30 km at Around the Bay. As previously mentioned my plan for the race was to do it at my intended marathon pace of 4:30/km. I accomplished what goal with a 2:14 finish.

Following a rest day on Monday I got back to training on Tuesday not feeling too bad considering the 30 km race two days earlier. Wednesday and Thursday ended up being two run days.

My second workout yesterday was my most important workout after Sunday’s race. As per usual, I went to the dome for an interval workout. Last night’s workout ended up being 7 x 800. Not sure how it would given the fact that I was on track for my busiest week so far, last night’s workout was the best interval workout of the year to this point with the last four 800’s being completed in the 2;54-2:59 range.

Week nine kicks off with the second of my four planned 30-32 training runs.

How did your week go?

2 thoughts on “Week 8 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. week 8 finished with this morning’s 25k long run. puts weekly total at 76 and march total at 305. all felt great.

    your goal for bq seems positively within reach now. way to go patrick.

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