If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been posting pictures recently to participate in something called #RunChatHunt. It is a scavenger hunt created by the guys who host #runchat every second Sunday. Thanks to Scott and David for coming up with this idea . It was a great way to add some fun to my runs.

Yesterday I managed to get my last picture to complete the required list so tonight I am taking the opportunity to post about my pictures. Unfortunately the camera on my Blackberry really does not do some of these scenes justice but here are the pictures I took along the way…

1. A running sticker – No I did not cheat, this is not a picture of my car. In fact, the only running stickers I have are on my beer fridge!

IMG-20130317-000872 and 3. My next two pictures cover two items each, a bridge and water so I will post them together here. First you have the Laurier Ave. Bridge across the frozen Rideau Canal. Second you have the Alexandra Bridge over the frozen Ottawa River with Parliament Hill in the background.

IMG-20130315-00085 Gatineau-20130317-000904. A giant hill I ran up. You might not think this is a giant hill but Ottawa is not a hilly city so by our standards this is a good one. This is the entrance to Beechwood Cemetery, Canada’s national cemetery.

Ottawa-20130317-000915. Christmas Decorations still up. I took this picture in my neighbourhood on March 17.

Ottawa-20130317-000946. Historical sign marker. After I ran up the hill at the entrance to Beechwood Cemetery I took a picture of this, the burial site of Sir Robert Borden, the eighth Prime Minister of Canada and face of our $100 bill.

Ottawa-20130317-000927. A welcome to state/city sign. Here is the sign as you cross the Ottawa River into Quebec from Ontario.

Gatineau-20130317-000888. A trail marker. Here is a trail marker for the Rideau Canal trail.

Ottawa-20130317-000939. A scene from my favourite place to run. Here in Ottawa my favourite place to run is the Central Experimental Farm. It is in the heart of the city yet when you are there it feels like you are no longer in the city. For those who don’t know, Ottawa is the only national capital with a working farm in its core.


10. Letters from signs to spell #runchat. I’m not sure if there are bonus points but the signs I used to create this picture come from three different cities – Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa.

#runchatIn case you are interested where the letters came from here you go:

# is from a construction sign in downtown Toronto.

Toronto-20130322-00103 (1)R is from a street sign here in Ottawa

IMG-20130327-00122U is from a Carleton University sign. I’m a University of Ottawa grad but Carleton is on my way home from work.

IMG-20130327-00126N is from the back of a Canada Post van

IMG-20130327-00125 (1)

C is from a no left turn sign.

Ottawa-20130327-00128H is from a street sign close to home.

Ottawa-20130327-00130A is from the banner at the start of the Around the Bay race, a race which I recommend to anyone looking for a good hill workout in March!

Hamilton 2-20130324-00113 (1)T is from a stop sign.

IMG-20130327-00124 (1)There you have it. That is my #RunChatHunt adventure. Hope you enjoyed!


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