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Now that Around the Bay is out of the way my primary focus is back on getting ready for the Ottawa Marathon. Fortunately my legs were not feeling too bad after Sunday’s race so   was able to get back to running today with an easy 9 km run home from work.

Incidentally, since the it was warm enough outside it ended up being my first outdoor run in shorts of the year. For me this is always a big positive because not only is it more enjoyable to run in this type of weather it also means that I have to pack less in my backpack.

Now for the rest of the month my focus will be on getting my mileage up to where I need it to be. For this week I am aiming to get back up to at least 80 km for the week. Doing that will push my monthly mileage up over 300 km for March.

Hitting my mileage goals for the week and the month will give me to more positives to go along with Sunday’s result that I can use to build on as I continue training for the Ottawa Marathon.

What plans or goals do you have for the rest of the month?

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