St Patrick’s Day 10 km


Yesterday I added a new race to my calendar for this year. I decided to register for the 10 km St Patrick’s day race I have done the last two years. I had not initially planned to run this one because I was more focused about Around the Bay the following weekend but as the date got closer the urge to register got stronger, especially since I can walk to the start line from my house.

Now I have registered and will be running the 10 km for the third year in a row. Last year when I ran this race I ran it in just over 43 minutes, at a 4:15/km pace. The reason for that is that it is the pace needed to run a 1:30 half-marathon in April which is what I did last year and plan to aim for again next month.

My strategy for Saturday’s 10 km race as well as the 30 km next week and the half-marathon in April will hopefully help get me ready to run the Ottawa Marathon in May at my goal pace which is 3:10, or 4:30/km.

I think this approach was beneficial in to my preparation for last year’s Ottawa Marathon so once again I am hoping that using this strategy for earlier races will leave me in better position to meet my goal in May.

What are your upcoming race plans?

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