Making up for Missing my Long Run

Yesterday due to other commitments I was not able to fit in my planned 18 km long run. As a result, my plan was to fit in extra mileage today by getting in two runs instead of one.  Getting in 18 km would not be too difficult to fit in over two runs.

My first run was at noon, incidentally I find this to be a great way to break up the work day if you can fit it in. I headed out into the neighbourhood around my office and managed to fit in just over 8 km at an easy pace.

My second run was my usual run home from the office. Since my first run of the day was an easy run the plan for this evening was a tempo run. I ended up with just under 9 km at my tempo pace.

Overall I managed to get in 17 km today which is right around the mileage I had planned for yesterday’s long run and in the process getting myself back on track to meet my mileage target for the week.

Do you try to make up for missed mileage when you miss a long run?

4 thoughts on “Making up for Missing my Long Run”

  1. You mentioned running at noon – all my ‘during the week’ runs are at lunch at work. Unless of course they are really long, like 14+…

    but ya, love lunch time runs. such a nice way to split up the day, get outside and get fresh air. I think it makes me more productive for the afternoons too.

    in answer to your question, I would try to make it up too, one way or another. glad you got it done.

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  2. I think doing a double is a great way to get in the mileage or do you say kilometerage? – never really event thought about that. 🙂 Plus they can help you build your endurance no matter what the distance is.

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    1. People still say mileage regardless of whether they are talking about how many miles or kilometers. I have not heard otherwise 🙂

      I agree it is a great way to fit in the mileage when you are busy with work, kids etc.

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