Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week four of training is nearly complete. So far I have managed to fit in four runs for a total of 47.5 km. A run home from work tonight and another run tomorrow morning will leave me with approximately 70 km for the week.

Unlike last week I was not able to fit in any multiple run days this week but I have managed to fit in quality workouts so far. I started the week off Sunday with a 22 km long run on a hillier route than I normally run.

In terms of quicker paced runs I had a good tempo run home from work Tuesday night. Last night at the dome I completed five mile repeats which I also wrote about in last night’s post. I was fortunate to get in the tempo run earlier in the week because it would have been tougher to do outdoor later in the week due to the snow we received Wednesday and the thawing caused by the wamrer weather since.

Overall the month of February was a good one. Increasing my mileage to start my marathon training got me up over 200 km for the month. Now the tougher challenege will be to increase my mileage even more in March and April as I get closer to race day. March should see me get over 300 km and in April I should get in close to 400 km.

How was your week of training?

2 thoughts on “Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. way to go. you made me look lazy this week. 😀

    My Feb totals were 218. Looking forward to a busy March with dry streets (PLEASE!!!)

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