Speed Intervals

imageFor just over a year now Thursday night has become my regular night for speed intervals. Discovering the indoor track last year has allowed me to include speed intervals earlier in my training cycle.

To keep things interesting I like to try a different workout each week. So far this year I have done 800’s and a ladder workout. Tonight I did mile repeats, five of them, since I had not yet done that workout this year.

After a year of weekly speed intervals during my training cycles I am seeing the benefits. Not only am I able to complete them at a faster pace this year, I also feel more comfortable running at that pace so I  am pretty sure that I have improved my running form over that time.

Finally, it remains to be seen how this will impact race day but I feel more confident after good speed interval workouts like tonight’s workout which will help me keep a positive outlook on the rest of my training cycle.

Do you include regular speed intervals in your training?

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